Companies Represented Overview

Below is a partial list of the companies that Donn Sherrill & Associates represents.

We have a long standing commitment to providing the highest quality instruments while maintaining a competitive advantage.

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Barnstead Thermolyne Research & Industrial Laboratory products.
Brinkmann Eppendorf Retsh Lauda & Buchi products.
Erie Scientific Microscope slides and cover glass, glass diagnostic products, custom glass & plate design, clinical products, and hand care products.
Ertco Precision glass thermometers, high-performance digitals RTD's, bimetal dial thermometers, calibration systems, hydrometers, and viscometers.
Kimble / Kontes Specialty glassware.
Nalge Nunc International Laboratory plasticware, cryoware, tubing, filtration units, bioprocess vessels and packaging.
National Scientific Autosampler vials, syringes and filters.
NERL Diagnostics Hospital equipment calibration standards, glucose tolerance beverages, ultra pure water, blood bank saline.
OWL Separation Systems. Electrophoresis Products for DNA, RNA, protein separation, and radiation safety products.
Samco Transfer pipettes & specimen collection Vials.
Stockwell Scientific Disposable plasticware.
Thermo IEC Benchtop and floor model centrifuges, rotors and accessories.
Thermo Orion Titration and process equipment.
pH/ISE/COND/DO meters and probes.
Thermo Spectronic UV visible spectrophotometry, florometry, refractometry and cell disruption.